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Why Are We

(Not) Creative?


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In this second installment of his exploration of creativity, Hermann Vaske looks for factors that inhibit it. He asks artists, activists, and thinkers, among them artist Marina Abramović, author T. C. Boyle, and climate activist Luisa Neubauer, about things that kill their creativity. He notes that assassins lurk everywhere, be they in the form of money, fear, censorship, or bu...


力之 2021-09-28

Politic, censorship, fear, geld… different answers from different creative people. When the director stood in front of me, I sincerely wanted to ask, why you so eager to know, why are we (not) creative?

吮指原味田鸡 2021-11-17

Der Film selbst ist doch überhaupt nicht kreativ