Par Mīlestību Pašreiz Nerunāsim在线观看

Par Mīlestību Pašreiz Nerunāsim

  • 上映年代:1988  
  • 别名:Let's not Talk About Love Just Now
  • 地区:蘇聯
  • 更新时间:

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《Par Mīlestību Pašreiz Nerunāsim》又名Let's not Talk About Love Just Now。

Adaptation of a novel by Andris Kolbergs.  Brigita has just been released after serving six years in prison (for having her signature on certain papers and being **** or less aware of her actions). Her husband has married again and their son calls this another woman his mom. Still, Brigita and Indulis meet and realize they don't want to experience another separation.